What does it mean to put on your poker face

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Best Answer: When you play poker, you need to keep a neutral expression so the other players don't know if your hand is good or bad. Now, it's called a "poker face" even if you're not playing poker. Lady Gaga wrote a song about keeping a "poker face" so her lover wouldn't know she was thinking about someone else.

Put on a Poker Face | Ranma Wiki | FANDOM powered by… Put on a Poker Face Year Published 1990 Shōnen Sunday Volume 46 Japanese Title 特訓!Once inside, Kasumi questions Akane as to the whereabouts of Ranma, causing Akane to recall Ranma declaring he'll arrive as soon as he's gotten rid of his weaknesses (which is easier said than done)... Put On Your Poker Face – Wait, what? We put on our poker faces and didn’t react to the meltdown or give any indication that something was wrong to the other people in the building.If y’all ever see a kid in a store with a parent on the ground kicking and screaming, hitting and pulling, and the parent doesn’t seem to be doing anything... What Does it Mean to Poke Someone on Facebook? |…

"Poker Face" is a song by American singer Lady Gaga from her debut studio album, The Fame ... When Rolling Stone magazine asked about the meaning of the line "bluffin' with my muffin", Gaga explained that it really was a metaphor for her vulva, noting ...... "bwin prominently placed in Lady GaGa music video Poker Face".

Actually, Poker Face is about her having sex with men and putting on a poker face b/c she is fantasizing about women.Gay have to bluff sometimes. Society is hard on them and they have to put on a poker face.We do not have any tags for Poker Face lyrics. poker face - idiom meaning? - Vietnam Answer You must put on your best poker face. Client: I'll do my best."poker face". a completely neutral facial expression which shows no emotion. Synonyms: ambiguous, blank, cool, deadpan, detached, enigmatic, impenetrable, inscrutable, mask, nonemotional, reserved, secret, unemotional, unreadable.

What does poker mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation (Free English Language Dictionary).I have a feeling it means before they had a typo and their correcting something to a smiley face. When you write a question in Spanish, the upside down question mark would go before...

Video shows what poker face means. An impassive facial expression cultivated to prevent other players from determining whether one's actions in the game are the result of a quality hand, or of ... What does 'poker face' mean? | Yahoo Answers

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Is it neccesary to put disagreements of historians on the relation between As Nas and poker on the history page? Especially the view of historians 60 years apart? Talk:List of poker hands - Wikipedia

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Definition of game face in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of game face. What does game face mean? Information and translations of game face in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. How to Make & Keep a Poker Face | Poker Tutorials - YouTube Hey, I'm Nicky Numbers, Professional Poker Player, and now I'm going to help you learn how to make and keep a good poker face. Now, a poker face is kind of a general term for stoic behavior at the ... What does poker face mean? poker face Definition. Meaning of ...